Waffles R Wild

Tuesday @ 6:00PM


Who won "Best Classical Performance" in the 1959 Grammy Awards?

What was the first settlement in Western Zimbobway?

Easy stuff right?... Yeah, we didn't think so either.

We're a pop culture trivia league, that means we are geared towards modern questions that will give everybody a chance at knowing the answer. You no longer have to be a professor or jeopardy contestant to have a shot at winning. We'll drill you with a variety of modern categories ranging from TV Shows to Celebrity News to Brat Pack Movie Trivia!

Compete in an exciting league and battle it out each week to see who is the pop culture guru!

Place in the top 3 and you'll walk away with some loot, gift cards are given out to the winners every night!

Don't forget to bring your friends. The bigger the team, the better chance you have walking away with a win!